Most SMEs’ first experience with the press is far from being comfortable. The releases written with hard work do not appear in the next day’s papers, at the long prepared conferences only few journalists show up, and none of them publishes anything, of if so, with a huge number of vital errors in it. The journals only publish the bad news on the company, the advertisements have nearly no effect at all.  Because of all these often there is only a very lax connection to the journalist and even that only from necessity. Although the press could be of a great help. All firms should experience this on their own but the first steps as far more easy and happy if getting support from experts.

For writing 5-10 press releases a year there is no need to hire a professional press officer while communication agencies are usually willing to organise big events only. If you feel like your firm already needs an active press contact, but you do not know how to start; if you already know who will do the job but have no idea what that exactly should be and how to do it right, look for us. We do not only help to choose the correct tools and determine the right timetable but also keep your aims at realistic level to provide you with true cost-benefit analysis.

Contact us, if you need one of the following:

  • Writing articles, research papers, analysis’s
  • Preparing or proofreading presentations
  • Editing, proofreading articles, books, publications
  • Optimising the structure and content of websites
  • Preparing press releases, PR-articles, yearbooks
  • Advising, education and training on communication
  • Coaching for interviews and press conferences
  • Moderating conferences