Resolving some business problems need background materials the creation of which need special knowledge. Though this kind of special knowledge might only be need rarely at smaller entities, so it might be not economical to have special staff for it in house. On the top of all that these special situations usually require not only knowledge but also experience but the organisation just can not offer a possibility to acquire that. Shou8ld you still have both knowledge and experience it is very common that the special problem has to be resolved very quickly and in addition to the normal tasks of your personnel. This is way it is advisable to call for resources from outside.

You can get the most of our cooperation if you have for us similar tasks to the following:

  • Analysing your firm, your competitors or a market
  • Building strategy
  • Research in specialist literature, media research
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Elaborating the financials for a tender
  • Complex multivariate statistical analysis
  • Analysing databases or questionnaires